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Home of the 1slo5.0

One of the fastest naturally aspirated legitimate street driven Mustangs in the country!  100% daily driver in the summer months.  SFI 25.5 chassis built with pride by Furo Racecraft in Steven's Point, Wisconsin.  The rest of the car was built, owned and driven by Darrell Reinhold.  Then he got divorced and lost everything which subsequently caused him to live happily ever after even though he is stalked by his ex-wife who pretends to be a social worker.  Lord have mercy on any family that she is put in charge of.  Like this poor guy and his family in this link.  For Christ sakes, find a hobby and get a life and quit being a stalking control freak!!!!


9.36 @ 143 mph at 3016 pounds and street legal with full exhaust, wipers, power windows, etc.



Thanks to:

Brian Tooley at Total Engine Airflow

Artie Kakiou at Trick Flow

Dave Zimmerman at Team Z Motorsports

Harold Furo at Furo Racecraft