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2007-2010 HD Duramax Truck Review





Half way thru the 2007 model year GM released a new body style Silverado/Sierra pick up truck.  In addition to a complete body change, the trucks received a completely redesigned interior as well. 

This article applies to both the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD/3500HD Duramax and the GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500HD Duramax as they are essentially the same truck with the only differences being name badging and slight cosmetic differences.


The body changes include widened fenders with kind of a simulated fender flare built in to the fender.  The front end was restyled to more of a meaner, bulkier look with a bigger grill and beefier bumper.  The new design is definitely an improved appearance.  For the most part, the the suspension, chassis and axles are the same. 


The completely redesigned interior is a major upgrade from the previous body style.  Everything is a new design.  The seats are as comfortable as the previous body style, if not more comfortable and the interior is quiet with the exception of an occasional rattle or vibration, usually while idling in gear.  The layout of the dash and accessories is nicer and on center console equipped models, they moved the cup holders to the proper location and have increased open storage behind the cup holders.  Like previous years, these trucks are available with standard cab, extended cab and a 4 door crew cab and are available with a multitude of options.  In addition to the options available on previous models, this new body style seen the introduction of some new optional features such as remote start, back up camera, updated Bose stereo system, updated navigation system, power sliding rear window, adjustable pedals, park assist and heated windshield washer fluid.  Remote start equipped vehicles allow remote starting via the key fob as long as you are within about 100 feet or so of the vehicle.  GM took the remote start a step further and integrated heat & A/C functions.  When you activate the remote start, the vehicle will turn on the heater or air conditioning based on the outside temperature and if equipped, the driver side heated seat will turn on also.  This is a priceless feature for those that live in states that have harsh winters.  The mid year (2007.5) was also the introduction of the LTZ trim level for the pick up trucks.  The LTZ level was the top of the line trim level which included many high end features such as leather seats, Bose sound system, etc.  The finish of the interior plastic trim and stereo buttons  seems to be better than previous years with chipping less of an issue.  The finish on the inner part of the steering wheel wears off though but is not much of a distraction.  The seats seem to be more durable as well with seam splitting and tears not as common.  Interior storage is comparable or better to other trucks in the same class.  The glove compartment is typical in size and center console equipped models have a good sized storage compartment.  The front doors have storage pockets on the bottom as well as integrated cup holders at the front of the storage pockets.  The rear doors on extended cab and crew cab models have storage pockets as well.  Storage under the rear seat is about the same as previous models, it might actually be a bit less.  Either way, there is still plenty of room under the seat to keep jumper cables, small tool kit, blanket, flash light, tow strap, snow brush and a few other items.



These trucks are still equipped with the Allison 1000 6 speed transmission which is now the only transmission offered in the Duramax pick up trucks.  Along with the body and interior changes was the introduction of the 4th generation Duramax LMM engine.  Power improved slightly to 365hp @ 3100  - 660ft-lbs @ 1800 rpm.  In addition to the EGR valve and diesel oxidation catalyst (catalytic converter), the LMM trucks also have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which collects soot and reburns it thru a process called "active regeneration".  This process drastically reduced soot pollution but also resulted in decreased fuel economy.




Typical highway fuel economy is about 20 mpg in stock form which is down a bit from previous years.  I have seen 22 mpg highway with this model with aftermarket exhaust and a DPF delete.  The engines make great power, appearance is sharp, the interior is comfortable and the ride is nice for a heavy duty pick up truck.  I was a big fan of the previous body style and I'm an even bigger fan of this body style.









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