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Automotive wiring information

Wiring information on how relays work, nitrous systems, transbrakes, transbrakes with nitrous, etc.


Nitrous Oxide Information

​Basic nitrous oxide information including jet sizes for specific kits, bottle sizes, basic nitrous schematic, etc.


Porting Information

Basic cylinder head and intake porting information.


Engine Specs

Engine specifications for a variety of engines both domestic and import.  Information includes bore size, stroke size, rod length, rod to stroke ratio, etc.  Also included is a cubic inch to cubic centimeter to liter chart and external engine dimension chart.


Casting Numbers

Various block, head, etc. casting numbers for a variety of engines.


Flow Numbers

Database of flow numbers for various cylinder heads, intakes, throttle bodies and mass air flow sensors.


General NHRA Rules

This is an older list of NHRA rules but for the most part they haven't changed much for anything that falls into the street/strip category.  For a purpose built race car you should look into a current rule book to be safe.


Conversion Calculators

Calculators for converting many different items from standard to metric or vice versa.


Performance Calculators

​Many different calculators such as gear ratio, engine cfm, horsepower, quarter mile estimate, engine displacement, etc.


Spark Plug Information

Spark plug cross-reference chart and heat range information.


Window Tint Laws

Basic window tint laws for most states in the USA.  Since laws are frequently changing, you should check local laws for verification.


Miscellaneous Information

Quarter mile ET calculation chart, rocker arm adjustment procedure, Torque vs. Horsepower, Cometic head gasket info, tap drill sizes, calculating rpm limit and much more.



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