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This is an information site.  This is not a business, although we do sell used parts at times.  This site generates zero income which can be verified with federal tax documents.  With that said, if you are my ex-wife, a friend of my ex-wife, a stalker, a psychopath, one of my ex-wife's multiple personalities, someone with too much time on their hands or an agent of the federal government.....there is nothing to see here.  Sorry to disappoint.  If you are my crazy ex-wife, you are not legally allowed to view this page.  Quit stalking me!!!!  Its amazing that an abusive woman with serious control issues that straight up refuses to follow any court order and has a family full of prisoners and/or ex-convicts (felons) is hired by social services as a social worker.  Talk about abuse of power.  They obviously don't screen people too closely or do thorough background checks.  Lord have mercy on any family that she is put in charge of.  Like this poor guy and his family in this link.  For Christ sakes, find a hobby and get a life and quit being a stalking control freak!!!!  I don't know if I should be flattered that this lunatic is obsessed with me or if I should fear for my life.  I guess if I end up dead, show this page to Forensic Files because chances are this crazy woman has kidnapped and killed me.


For everyone else that wants to learn something or share their own knowledge and/or experiences, keep reading.

This site was originally created for reference for my own personal use.  However, over the years this site has become a source of information for others as well.  Feel free to use and share the information and also feel free to contribute to the site as well.  This site is meant to be an informative site to help people in this hobby so by all means, contribute if you have accurate information, pictures, diagrams, etc.  I appreciate any accurate information contributed to this site.  Please don't offer to contribute what you have read in a magazine as we prefer to keep information on this site real world experience and not something that has the potential to be influenced by advertisers or companies donating products for testing. 

The majority of the information on this site is based on personal experience and knowledge.  Some information has been collected at various points of the internet over the years and thru repair manuals and various other books.  Some information has been contributed from other site viewers.  Keep in mind all vehicles are different so what works for me may or may not work for you and vice versa.  I am not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle or your person.  Hopefully if you are reading this, you have been in this hobby/sport long enough to know that parts breakage/failure is a matter of "when" not "if" and you are prepared for it to happen.  I am also not responsible for anybody's lack of mechanical ability or lack of intelligence or common sense. 

Donations via Paypal are appreciated as well.  There is a Paypal donation link on every page.  Donations help keep the site going and keep things updated.  There are necessary expenses such as web hosting, domain registration, etc. that go into this site.  Not to mention other expenses to assist in information such as printer ink, paper, etc.  9 years ago when I started the "Mustang Weight Reduction" section, I bought a new QA1 K-member just to weigh it for the database. 

Any opinion expressed here is mine and I'm entitled to it. :)  Enjoy your visit. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions or contributions.  In an effort to eliminate junk and spam emails, you have to manually enter the email address from the image below in your email when contacting us.  I spent more time with junk mail every day than I had time for when I had my email address as a link on this page.




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