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289-302-351W Information

Various information about small block Ford Windsor engines.  Everything from roller block info to valve adjustment, torque specs, firing orders and much more.


Ford Small Block Cam Cards

Various cam cards and cam specs from a variety of off the shelf and custom grinds.  Even some of the "secret" Anderson Ford Motorsports grinds.


4.6 Liter Information

General specs and rebuilding information for the Ford 4.6 Liter modular engine.


GT40P Head Information

​Information and specifications on the Ford Explorer GT40P heads, intake and throttle bodies.  Includes head runner, chamber and valve size comparisons to other factory Ford small block heads and what is needed to bolt these items on a Mustang.


351C Information

History, specifications, interchanges, etc. of the Ford 351 Cleveland, 351M and 400 engines of the 335 series family of Ford engines.


460 Information

Specifications, general information and 79 and Up Mustang 460 engine swap information.


Electrical Information

Various electrical information regarding 79 and Up Mustangs such as 3G alternator swaps, electric fan information, stereo wiring and more.


EFI Information

General EFI information for 86 and Up Mustangs such as computers, distributor phasing, resetting idle, mass air and speed density information, performance chips, fuel pumps and more.

Mustang Fox Body Production Numbers

​A list of production figures for fox body Mustangs.  Information on horsepower, torque, colors, etc. through the years.


1994 & 1995 Mustang GTS Information

​Information on the 1994 & 1995 equivalent of the fox body LX Mustang.


Mustang Weight Reduction Information

Real world numbers on weight reduction.  I have made a list of weights of factory and aftermarket parts and complete cars that I have personally weighed myself with professional Intercomp scales.  This is some of the most valuable information you will ever read.


Mustang Suspension Information

All kinds of good information here.  How suspensions work, how to properly set pinion angle, subframe connectors, rear control arms, traction lock rebuilding, suspension specifications, 5 lug conversions, rear axle specs and much more.

Mustang Dyno Information

Dyno results and comparisons for many popular 5.0 liter Mustang performance parts.  Intakes, pulleys, rocker arms, factory clutch fan to electric, mufflers, etc.  What works and what doesn't.

Miscellaneous Mustang Information

Various other Mustang information such as adjusting kick down cable (TV cable), glossary of terms, T5 transmission schematics, etc.





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