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429-460 (385 Series) Section



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460 swap info:

This is a fairly easy swap.  There are some engine swap parts you will need but the engine fits nicely in 79-95 Mustangs.  The transmission tunnel might need some “massaging” if you run a C6 or TH400 transmission.  The factory transmission crossmember will work for a C6 but you will need to grind the factory tack welds off the mounting tubes so you can adjust the crossmember to the location of the transmission mount.  Then reweld the tubes.  Or you can choose to buy a new crossmember which Ford Racing sells (part number M-5059-A).  If you elect to use a GM TH400 or Powerglide, AJE make a transmission crossmember for this swap.  You will also need a rear sump oil pan.  Ford Racing part number E7TE-6675-A will work or you can use one of the popular aftermarket oil pans made for this swap from Moroso, Milodon and other companies.  You will need a set of engine swap headers which are readily available from Hooker, Kooks, etc.  The factory V8 Mustang driveshaft will need to be shortened or you can choose to have a driveshaft made for the vehicle.  Most 460 valve covers won’t clear the power brake booster so you will need to convert to manual brakes.  Any auto parts store should have a 1979 Mustang manual brake master cylinder that will work.  The Ford part number is D8BZ-2140-A.  You will also need a throttle cable from a carbureted 5 liter 85 Mustang.  This is also available at most auto parts stores and the factory Ford part number is E5ZZ-9A758-A.  Depending on which route you go, you might also need the 85 Mustang throttle bracket which is Ford part number E3ZZ-9728-A.  The cooling system will need some upgrades.  It would be a good idea to buy an aluminum radiator (or at least a copper 3 row) and electric fan.  Which ever radiator you choose, make sure you get an external transmission cooler if you are running an automatic transmission.  Do no use the internal transcooler in the radiator.  Clearance is real tight for an engine mounted fan so it will make life easier if you get an electric fan right away.  It will clean up the engine bay a bit too.  If you do choose to go with an engine mounted fan, you will be limited to a 14” fan because the water pump location on the 460 is higher than the water pump location on a 5 liter.  The factory V8 Mustang lower radiator hose will work but the upper radiator hose will require some modification to fit.  Hood clearance is a problem.  You will need a cowl induction hood to clear the air cleaner.  If you want to try and fit everything under the stock hood you can try to locate a factory 1968 Thunderbird intake (factory part number C8SE-9424-B) which is the lowest sitting 429/460 intake manifold offered.  This intake might allow you to fit the carburetor under the stock hood but you will not be able to run an air cleaner.  You will have to come up with a set of brackets to retain your power steering or you can get a factory manual steering rack from a local auto parts store from a 1979-1980 Mustang.  Flaming River also makes some nice steering racks and kits.  When converting to manual steering you will also need outer tie rod ends for manual steering as well as a steering coupler (Ford part number D9BZ-3A525-A) to adapt the power steering shaft to the manual steering rack.  Flaming River makes a nice steering shaft for this swap.  Installing a 429/460 into a fox body Mustang also requires engine swap engine mounts (Ford Racing part number M-6038-A460) or a front engine plate.  As for the suspension, it would be wise to install some quality subframe connectors to help the chassis handle the 460s torque.  An 8 point roll bar or a roll cage would be a smart addition too for chassis rigidity.  Stock V8 Mustang coil springs will be sufficient and 87-93 V8 Mustang brakes are necessary for stopping power with the increased weight from the new engine and transmission.