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Mustang Weight Reduction



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   *All weights are from items I weighed on accurate Intercomp scales or from various other references assumed to be accurate.  This is only a guide.  This intended to give you weight information so you know where the easiest areas to save weight is.  All cars are different.  Just for example, fox body Mustang door crash braces have a weight variance from about 11 pounds to 18 pounds based on what others have weighed.  This could be because there were a few different door crash braces used in these cars or it could be that others did not completely cut out the braces and only removed a portion of it.  I cut the entire brace out and it weighed 18 pounds.  So again, this is a guide and should be a fairly accurate guide.  If you want total accuracy for your specific vehicle, weigh your own parts to know for sure how much weight you are saving.*


  *Every 1 lb reduction in rotating mass is equivalent to an approximately 8 lb reduction in static weight* (re: Centerline Wheels website)


Factory and Aftermarket weights


Car or Part


1989 Mustang LX hatch 5 liter/5-speed stock no A/C 3082 lbs
1990 Mustang LX hatch 5 liter/5-speed stock 3192 lbs
1998 Mustang 3.8L V6 5-speed coupe 3071 lbs
1998 Mustang 3.8L V6 automatic coupe 3154 lbs
1998 Mustang 3.8L V6 5-speed convertible 3216 lbs
1998 Mustang 3.8L V6 automatic convertible 3300 lbs
1998 Mustang GT 4.6L SOHC 5-speed coupe 3227 lbs
1998 Mustang GT 4.6L SOHC automatic coupe 3312 lbs
1998 Mustang GT 4.6L SOHC 5-speed convertible 3394 lbs
1998 Mustang GT 4.6L SOHC automatic convertible 3478 lbs
1998 Mustang Cobra 4.6L DOHC 5-speed coupe 3375 lbs
1998 Mustang Cobra 4.6L DOHC 5-speed convertible 3519 lbs
1999 Mustang Cobra 4.6L DOHC 5-speed coupe 3430 lbs
2000 Mustang Cobra 5.4L 5-speed coupe 3590 lbs

Stock Parts

stock 87-93 K-member 58 lbs
stock 87-93 A -arms (each) 10.5 lbs
stock 87-93 spindle, strut, brake rotor and caliper (one side) 56 lbs
stock 87-93 8.8 rear axle drum to drum 183 lbs
stock 94+ 8.8 rear axle with brakes 199 lbs
stock 87-93 front spring (each) 10 lbs
stock 87-93 rear spring (each) 9 lbs
stock 87-93 seat (LX - each) 36 lbs
stock 87-93 rear lower control arm (each) 7 lbs
stock 87-93 rear upper control arm (each) 3 lbs
stock 87-93 heater assembly 28 lbs
87-93 sound deadner 22 lbs
87-93 tar paper 23 lbs
stock 87-93 master cylinder 8 lbs
stock 87-93 battery 42 lbs
stock 87-93 driveshaft 19 lbs
87-93 wiper motor and arms 6 lbs
87-93 rear bumper support 31 lbs
87-93 front bumper support 23 lbs
87-93 center console arm rest/change compartment 8 lbs
87-93 door crash braces (each) 18 lbs
Factory 92 and newer high torque starter 7 lbs
87-93 Smog pump & emissions equipment 10 lbs
87-93 Fog lights & mounting brackets (each) 2.5 lbs
90-93 air bag steering wheel 9 lbs
87-93 fan shroud 5 lbs
97-93 fan & fan clutch 6lbs

Aftermarket Parts

Ford Racing 351 ALUMINUM RACE BLOCK M-6010-C451* Billet Steel Main Caps 92 lbs
GM LS1 engine with all accessories and flexplate 457 lbs
GM LS1 engine with all accessories, flywheel and clutch assembly 492 lbs
AJE 87-93 chromoly K-member 16 lbs
AJE 87-93 drop spindle (each) 9 lbs
AJE 87-93 tubular adjustable A-arm (each) 5 lbs
AJE 87-93 coil over strut and spring (each) 10 lbs
QA1 87-93 K-member 24 lbs
QA1 econo A-arms w/ball joints (each) 6 lbs
87-93 8.8 narrowed .75 on each side with Mark Williams 35 spline gun drilled axles, spool, yoke, Aerospace brakes, bracing, coil over brackets 182 lbs
QA1 rear coil over shock and spring assembly (each) 8 lbs
87-93 Aerospace front brake assembly (each) 14 lbs
Mickey Thompson ET Front 26x4.5-15 (each) 12 lbs
Mickey Thompson ET Drag 28x10.5-15 (each) 23 lbs
Summit plastic drag bucket seats (each) 12 lbs
Aerospace 87-93 Mustang master cylinder kit 3 lbs
Optima 8022-091 Battery 35 lbs
Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft for 87-93 14 lbs
Grant GT steering wheel with quick release adapter 3 lbs
Lakewood safety bellhousing for T5 43 lbs
PA Super Comp C4 w/ SFI bellhousing & no converter 119 lbs


17x9" AFS CobraR 95 chrome 24 lbs
17x10.5" AFS CobraR 95 chrome 26 lbs
17x9" AFS 03 Cobras chrome 27 lbs
17X10" AFS 03 Cobras chrome 29 lbs
17x9" AFS 03 Cobras satin 26.1 lbs
17x10.5" AFS 03 Cobras satin 26.5 lbs
18x9" AFS 03 Cobras satin 25.5 lbs
18x10.5" AFS 03 Cobras satin 29.1 lbs
17x9" BBS Spider 21 lbs
15x3.5" Bogart drag-on fly star 9 lbs
15x7.5" Bogart Classic Star 10.5 lbs
15x8" Bogart Classic Star 11 lbs
16x7" 91-93 Mustang Pony wheel 23 lbs
17x8" Bullitt satin 28 lbs
18x9" Bullitt chrome 29 lbs
17x9" Cobra R 25 lbs
17x8" Cobra 96 satin 23 lbs
17x8" Cobra 98 satin 21 lbs
17x8" Cobra 99 satin 22 lbs
17x8" Cobra 99 polished 25 lbs
18x9.5" Cobra R 00 chrome 29 lbs
18x9.5" Cobra R 00 powerder coated 27.5 lbs
17x9" Cobra 03 satin 25.5 lbs
17x9" Cobra 03 10th anniv 23 lbs
17x11" Fikse 16 lbs
18x9" FR500 satin 26 lbs
17x8" GT 99 satin 17 lbs
17x8" Mach I 03 satin 25 lbs
18x9" Mille Miglia MM11-2's 25 lbs
18x8" SSR Integral 19.5 lbs
18x9" SSR Integral 20 lbs
17x9" Steeda ultralights satin 21.5 lbs
17x9" Steeda ultralights chrome 24 lbs
18x9" Steeda ultralights satin 22 lbs
18x9" Steeda ultralights chrome 24.5 lbs
15x3.5" Weld draglites 10 lbs
15x8" Weld draglites 13 lbs
15x10" Weld draglites 14 lbs
15x8" Weld Rodlites 13 lbs
15x3.5" Weld pro-stars 10 lbs
15x8" Weld pro-stars 12 lbs
15x10" Weld pro-stars 14 lbs
15x4" Centerline Convo-Pro 9.5 lbs
15x8.5" Centerline Convo-Pro 12.5 lbs
15x4" Centerline Tel-Stars 12 lbs
15x8" Centerline Tel-Stars 16 lbs
15x7" 99 V6 Mustang wheels 14 lbs
17x9" Wheel Replica Bullitts 23 lbs
17x9" Wheel Replica Bullitts chrome 24 lbs
17x10.5" Wheel Replica Bullitts chrome 25 lbs
16x7" Crown Vic oem wheels 25 lbs
18x8.5" BBS RK (Silver) 19 lbs
18x10" BBS RK (Silver) 20 lbs
16x7" GT Waffle wheels 19 lbs
17x9" Konig Villain wheels 21.5 lbs