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Trick Flow Mopar 440 Head Review




These heads were released by Trick Flow in 2015.  I was lucky enough to get one of the first sets.  These are probably the best horsepower per dollar Mopar big block heads on the market.  The casting itself looks like a stock Mopar design but there have been key changes made to the design during engineering.  The rocker shaft oil feeds are relocated and the valves are longer, just to name a couple changes.  Trick Flow wanted a larger port with the ability to use stock type components instead of expensive head specific components.  There job was well done.  These heads are the same high quality Trick Flow's other cylinder heads.


These heads feature CNC machined 240cc intake ports, 74cc exhaust ports and 78cc heart shaped combustion chambers.  Intake and exhaust ports are in the stock location and can be opened up to Max Wedge port sizes by an experienced head porter.  Valve sizes are 2.19 intake and 1.76 exhaust.  Trick Flow offers four different valve spring and retainer options for these heads which covers most combinations that will use these heads.  Spring options include 1.46 dual springs with steel retainers, 1.55 dual springs with steel or titanium retainers and 1.56 dual springs with titanium retainers.  The components used are good quality and the manufacturing process appears to be spot on accurate.  The fit and finish of these heads is excellent.  Because of the design changes of these heads, stock pushrods and head bolts will not work .  Specific head bolts are required which are available from ARP.  Longer pushrods are required and you will have to measure the required length for your particular combination.


The first engine I ran these heads on was a stock short block 70s 440 out of a motorhome.  I put these heads on along with a Hughes cam and Edelbrock Victor intake.  I even used the stock Chrysler shaft rockers.  The only special parts required were the specific ARP head bolts and longer pushrods.


Independent airflow and dyno tests have shown that Trick Flow is fairly accurate with their airflow and horsepower claims.  Some have eclipsed the 700hp mark with these heads out of the box, no porting.


At approximately $1980 for a set of these heads, they are well worth the money both in quality and performance.






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