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TTI Mopar Headers Review

TTI makes some of the nicest high quality headers out there.  The fit and finish of these headers is perfect.  TTI headers cost a bit more than some of the mass produced headers on the market but the quality of TTI is far superior.  TTI headers are available in bare mild steel, ceramic coated and polished ceramic coated.  They come in a variety of primary tube and collector sizes and have 3/8" thick lazer cut flanges.  TTI makes headers for a variety of Mopar cars and trucks including A, B, C, E, F and M body cars as well as late model Challenger, Charger, Magnum and 300.  Headers are also available for 2003-2007 Hemi trucks and 1995-2005 Neons.  To my knowledge, TTI is the only company that currently makes headers for a C-body.  All TTI headers are shipped with gaskets and bolts.

In addition to the high quality headers that TTI offers, they also make complete exhaust systems for a wide variety of Mopar cars and trucks.






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